Uriah Kriegel's Page

Uriah Kriegel's Page



Welcome to my website. I am a research director at the Jean Nicod Institute in Paris. I work mostly in philosophy of mind and metaphysics, but am also interested in cognitive science, metaethics, epistemology, early analytic philosophy, and a number of other research areas. 


Some forthcoming papers:

-- essentially final draft :: The Varieties of Consciousness, a book on non-sensory phenomenology coming out with OUP in May or June

-- penultimate draft :: "Experiencing the Present", forthcoming in Analysis

-- penultimate draft :: "Thought and Thing: Brentano's Reism as Truthmaker Nominalism", forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

-- penultimate draft :: "Brentano on Judgment as an Objectual Attitude", forthcoming in A. Gzrankowski & M. Montague (eds.), Non-Propositional Intentionality, OUP

-- draft :: "Metaphysics and Conceptual Analysis: Experimental Philosophy's Place under the Sun", in D. Rose (ed.), Advances in Experimental Philosophy and Metaphysics

-- new draft :: "Existence, Fundamentality, and the Scope of Ontology", invited for the inaugural issue of Argumenta, the journal of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy

-- advanced draft :: "Brentano's Concept of Mind: Underlying Nature, Reference-Fixing, and the Mark of the Mental", forthcoming in S. Lapointe and C. Pincock (eds.), Innovations in the History of Analytical Philosophy

-- draft :: "How to Speak of Existence", forthcoming in special issue of Grazer Philosophische Studien dedicated to Peter Simons

-- advanced draft :: "The Character of Cognitive Phenomenology", forthcoming in Breyer and Gutland (eds.), Phenomenology of Thinking, Routledge

-- penultimate draft (with Alexandre Billon) :: "Jaspers' Dilemma: The Psychopathological Challenge to Subjectivity Theories of Consciousness", forthcoming in R. Gennaro (ed.), Disturbed Consciousness, MIT Press

-- advanced draft :: "Perception and Imagination", forthcoming in Preyer and Miguens (ed.), Prereflective Consciousness: Early Sartre in the Context of Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

-- a couple of short entries forthcoming in Routledge Handbook of Brentano and the Brentano School that I am editing :: "Brentano's Mereology" and "Brentano's Classification of Mental Phenomena"

-- a draft that's been lying around forever: "Non-Phenomenal Intentionality" (overlaps a lot with Chapter 4 of The Sources of Intentionality but does something a little different...)

-- just for fun :: translation from French (with a preface) of "Fiesta: An Opera in One Act," a libretto by Boris Vian

-- penultimate draft (with Benjamin Kozuch) :: "Correlation, Causation, Constitution: On the interplay between the science and philosophy of consciousness", forthcoming in S.M. Miller (ed.), The Constitution of Phenomenal Consciousness, Amsterdam: John Benjamins

-- older papers 

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