Recent and forthcoming courses                       


o   Consciousness, Emotion, and Imagination (Spring 2018), École Normale Supérieure (with Tricia Magalotti)

o   Perception and Introspection (Fall 2017), École Normale Supérieure (with Géraldine Carranante and Anna Giustina)

o   The metaphysics of properties (Spring 2017), École Normale Supérieure

o   Mini-course: Phenomenal Attitudes (Spring 2017), Univerità degli Studi di Milano

o   The philosophy of Franz Brentano (Fall 2015), École Normale Supérieure

o   Analytic epistemology (Spring 2015), École Normale Supérieure




o   Géraldine Carranante, the perception/cognition divide (expected 2020), École Normale Supérieure.

o   Tricia Magalotti, emotion and epistemic value (expected 2019), École Normale Supérieure.

o   Aïda Elamrani-Raoult, consciousness and machine-brain interface (expected 2019), École Normale Supérieure.

o   Anna Giustina, a theory of introspection (expected 2018), École Normale Supérieure.

o   Michael Bruno, “The Extended Conscious Mind” (2013), University of Arizona (committee). (Now: Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University.)

o   Benjamin Kozuch, “Merging the Philosophical and Scientific Studies of Consciousness” (2013), University of Arizona. (Now: Assistant Professor, University of Alabama)

o   Brian Fiala, “Explaining the Explanatory Gap” (2012), University of Arizona (committee). 

o   Anne Steadman, “The Immediacy of Phenomenal Concepts and Immediate Implications for Physicalism” (2011), University of Arizona (committee). (Now: Attorney)

o   Parker Crutchfield, “Perception, Cognition, and Justification” (2011), Arizona State University (committee). (Now: Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University med school.)

o   Farid Masrour, “Structuralism: In Defense of a Kantian Account of Perceptual Experience” (2008), University of Arizona (committee). (Now: Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison.) 

o   Stephen Biggs, “Mind and Modality” (2007), University of Arizona (committee). (Now: Associate Professor, Iowa State University.)

o   Postdoc: Takuya Niikawa (2018-2020), Jean Nicod Institute.

o   Habilitation: Alexandre Billon, perspective and subjectivity (expected 2018), École Normale Supérieure.

o   MA student: Lylian Paquet, the mereology of social objects (2017-18), École Normale Supérieure.

o   MA student: Michele Odisseas Impagnatiello, "Certainty, Supervenience, Possibility" (2016-17), École Normale Supérieure. (Now: PhD student, MIT)

o   Visiting student: Andrew Lee (Spring 2017, Spring 2018), NYU.

o   MA student: Vincent Grandjean, "Truth and Grounding" (2016), École Normale Supérieure. (Now: PhD student, University of Neuchatel)

o   Visiting student: Paul Boswell (Spring 2016), University of Michigan. 

o   MA student: Anna Giustina, “Towards a Defence of Phenomenal Knowledge” (2015), EHESS. (Now: PhD Student, ENS)

o   Visiting student: Ben Phillips (Fall 2014), City University of New York

o   Visiting student: Davide Bordini (2011-12, Spring 2013), University of Milan

o   MA student: Rachel Schneebaum (2012), University of Arizona

o   BA student: Steven Gubka, “Zombies and Episodic Memory” (2012), University of Arizona. (Now: PhD student, University of Texas – Austin)

o   MA student: Will Leonard (2011), University of Arizona

o   MA student: Chris Kahn (2010), University of Arizona

o   BA student: Maureen Turner, “The Relationship between Neural Content and Visual Phenomenology” (2010), University of Arizona. (Now: Neuroscience PhD student, UC–Berkeley)

o   MA student: Brian Fiala (2008), University of Arizona

o   MA student: Benjamin Kozuch (2007), University of Arizona

o   MA student: Michael Bruno (2006), University of Arizona

o   MA student: Farid Masrour (2005), University of Arizona

o   MA student: Stephen Biggs (2004), University of Arizona