-Routledge Handbook

                              of Brentano and the Brentano School

This book I edited to mark the centennial of Franz Brentano's death. The projected table of contents is:

Table of Contents

Part 1: Brentano’s Philosophy

1.     Brentano’s Life and Works (Thomas Binder)

2.     Brentano’s Philosophical Program (Uriah Kriegel)

1.1. Mind

3.     Brentano’s Project of Descriptive Psychology (Denis Seron)

4.     Brentano on Intentionality (Tim Crane)

5.     Brentano on Consciousness (Mark Textor)

6.     Brentano on the Unity of Consciousness (Barry Dainton)

7.     Brentano on Time-consciousness (Guillaume Frechette)

8.     Brentano on Sensation and Sensory Qualities (Olivier Massin)

9.     Brentano’s Classification of Mental Phenomena (Uriah Kriegel)

10. Brentano on Judgment (Uriah Kriegel)

11. Brentano on Will and Emotion (Michelle Montague)

12. Brentano on Self-knowledge (Gianfranco Soldati)

1.2. Metaphysics

13. Brentano’s Reism (Werner Sauer)

14.  Brentano on the Soul (Susan Krantz Gabriel

15. Brentano on Time and Space (Wojciech Żełaniec

16. Brentano on Properties and Relations (Hamid Taieb)

17. Truth in Brentano (Johannes Brandl)

18. Early Brentano on Appearance and Reality (Denis Seron)  

19. Brentano on Negation and Nonexistence (Alessandro Salice

1.3. Value

20. Brentano’s Metaethics (Jonas Olson)

21. Brentano’s Normative Ethics (Lynn Pasquarella

22. Brentano on Beauty and Aesthetics (Wolfgang Huemer)

23. Brentano on Genius and Fantasy (Ion Tanaescu)

24. Brentano’s Philosophy of Religion (Richard Schaefer)

Part 2: The Brentano School

25. The Rise of the Brentano School (Arnaud Dewalque)

26. Diversity and Unity in the Brentano School (Arnaud Dewalque)

2.1. Brentano’s Students

27. Marty and Brentano (Laurent Cesalli & Kevin Mulligan)

28. Stumpf and Brentano (Denis Fisette)

29. Meinong and Brentano (Johann Marek)

30. Ehrenfels and Brentano (Maria Elisabeth Reicher)

31. Husserl and Brentano (Dermot Moran)

32. Twardowski and Brentano (John Tienson)

2.2. Students’ Students and Further Influences

33. The Prague School (Robin Rollinger)

34. Bergman and Brentano (Guillaume Frechette)

35. Brentano and the Lvov-Warsaw School (Arianna Betti)  

36. The Innsbruck School (Wilhelm Baumgartner)

37. Brentano, Stout, and Moore (Maria van der Schaar)

38. Chisholm and Brentano (Dale Jacquette)



The Routledge Handbook of Franz Brentano and the Brentano School (Hardback) book cover