-Brentano's Philosophical System

                             Mind, Being, Value

This book, about the Austro-German philosopher Franz Brentano's theories of the true, the good, and the beautiful, is due to be published by OUP in early 2018. Below is the table of contents with chapter drafts.

Table of Contents

0.    Introduction: Why Brentano?

I. Mind

1.    Consciousness
2.    Intentionality
3.    The Modes of Conscious Intentionality

II. Being

4.    Judgment
5.    Metaontology: Existence
6.    Ontology: The Existents

III. Value

7.    Will and Emotion
8.    Metaethics: Goodness
9.    Ethics: The Goods

IV. Conclusion

10.    Brentano’s System: The True, the Good, and the Beautiful